Thanks to All who helped RIB celebrate 70 Years during the 2022 shooting season !!


Hope to see all of you again

for our 2023 Shoots:


 All 2023 shoots are open to the Public:



Jan 1-  New Years' Day Fun Shoot

Jan 21 & 22-  Indoor 3D Shoot

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Feb 18 & 19-  Indoor 3D Shoot

                       Details Below ....

Mar 25 & 26-  Indoor/Outdoor Ted Hysell          Memorial 3D Shoot

May 20 & 21-  Roy Case Traditional Shoot

June 3 & 4-  Root River Archery Classic 3D     Shoot

July 8 & 9-  RIB Founders' Outdoor 3D   Shoot

Aug 5 & 6-  HHA USA Outdoor 3D

Aug 12 & 13-  71st Anniversary Outdoor 3D   Shoot



Plan to shoot these 2023 Adult Leagues, Open to the Public:


Case League - Indoor, Thursdays, Dec. 1 thru March 23. 


Paper Animal League - Indoor,  Mondays, Jan. 9 thru March 27 ...Flyer below.


Cricket League - Indoor, Fridays, Jan. 6 thru March 24. .... See flyer below for Details ....


Industrial League - Outdoor, Wednesdays, April 26 thru July 19.


Platform League - Thursdays, July 27 thru Sept. 21.



And for the youngsters, 2023 Kids League -     Sundays, starting Jan 8.

Click on Kids League tab at Left for Sign-Up and contact info.







Roy Case- the grandfather of Wisconsin bowhunting. Roy was the first person to legally shoot a whitetail deer in Wisconsin with a bow (native Americans not withstanding as they were doing it long before Roy). We celebrate Roy's accomplishment and his lifelong efforts to not only establish bowhunting in Wisconsin but to continue his efforts in working with legislators to further refine bowhunting in Wisconsin. Roy is a member of the Bowhunting Hall of Fame.
RIB is proud to have Roy Case as an honorary lifetime member.